One of the many beautiful streets in the Myers Park area of Charlotte.

One of the many beautiful streets in the Myers Park area of Charlotte.

Community support for the deployment of

Google Fiber to the city of Charlotte.

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What Could Google Fiber Mean for Charlotte?

Charlotte Hearts Google co-founder Alan Fitzpatrick speaks at a Skookum Digital Works Tech Talk on June 20, 2014:

For a downloadable copy of the slides used in this talk click here.

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Attracting Talent

We're committed to attracting the best talent to Charlotte. Improvements in Internet infrastructure will bring the best and brightest technical and creative talent to the city. Businesses will find that Google Fiber will help attract highly skilled people in technical fields, making recruiting an even easier process.


Gigabit Access

The promise of Google Fiber is gigabit (Gb) synchronous Internet service to the home. Video files, Big Data files, and other large applications will load much faster than on today's infrastructure. This benefits virtual workers whose home Internet connection may exceed that in the office.



High-impact entrepreneurs create the most jobs. When Google Fiber deployed in Kansas City there was an immediate increase in entrepreneurial activity including: Kansas City Startup Village, Home for Hackers, and a Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars. Brad Feld even purchased a FiberHouse!